Thursday, September 8, 2011


Elena had a great mousse recipe that I must share. Very simple. Aeroplane lite jelly crystals are dissolved, cooled and then whisked with low fat vanilla vanilla yoghurt and chilled. I had a mango mousse tonight and it was quite delicious!

Elena makes special layer variety with jelly on the bottom and the mouse on the top. Here are her instructions.

Stage (1) Jelly.
Take 1 pack of the Airplane low calories jelly and follow instructions. It makes 500 ml of jelly. Pour into containers. Add Gogi berries (not for PP days). Make sure jelly sets in 4 hours in the fridge).

Stage (2) Mousse. Dissolve 1 pack of the Airplane low calories jelly powder in 250 ml boiling water. Let it cool down till room temperature. Add 250 ml of no fat low sugar vanilla yogurt and mix with the hand mixer until the mixture is fluffed and ~ 650-700 ml. Add on the top of your jelly.

The containers can be glass – for after dinner treats - or in plastic Glad 175 ml containers – for taking to work.

Ready for dessert...

Or to go on the road!


  1. I make a variation of mousse regularly, but much more simple. I use 500ml screw top plastic containers (multix are making a good cheap product in this range now). Then add one sachet of jelly lite crystals and half fill with boiling water, stir and leave until it reaches room temperature (about an hour, I often mix up as I cook the evening meal, and I can do the next step as I clean up the kitchen).
    Then add the yoplait forme vanilla yoghurt almost to the top, screw on lid and shake well and place in the fridge to set. No beating, no mess. Simple.

  2. I will be trying that! Thank you