Dukan Ingredients in Australia

Finding some of the French ingredients in the Dukan recipes can be tricky. Here are some of my favourite ingredients that I used successfully on the Dukan diet while in Adelaide, South Australia.


This is a key ingredient that you will consume every day from now on. It minimises the adsorption of fat in the digestive system - and will clean your blood vessels.

I use oatbran in porridge (cook with skim milk in microwave and serve with yoghurt) as a cold breakfast 'slurry' (add to sweet yoghurt, let it sit a few minutes to soften) in muffins (mini ones - lamington-style are my favourite - a spoon of weight watchers drinking chocolate and a teaspoon of coconut essence are added to the mix) and of course in pancakes (quark, egg, natvia cinnamon and oatbran).

I use Paris Creek German style Quark and ask my local Foodland Dairy manager to get in extra for me. You can also freeze this quark with no loss of quality. Beware, not all quarks are equal. Swiss style has 10% fat. Cosmo also makes quark locally, but it is also 10% fat. If you can't get Paris Creek, the Cosmo Low Fat Cottage Cheese is 5% fat and is okay in the pancakes.

I use quark in pancakes and sauces.

Philadelphia Extra Light

A fine product I use as a substitute for frommage frais. The extra light says that it is less than 5% fat, which is not 'virtually fat-free' as specified, but it is okay. It might be a bit stiffer than required as I often need to add non-fat yoghurt to Dukan recipes to lighten them up a bit.

I use Phillie in muffins, desserts and sauces.

Perfect Italiano Extra Light Ricotta

A low fat dairy product that my friend, Elena, has found useful for cooking. She writes:
"I have found a low fat ricotta (1.9% fat per 100gr) in my local foodland. It is not as tasty as Quark, but good for cooking pancakes". Sounds great for those times that there is just no quark to be found.

Salt substitute

Salt leads to water retention so try to decrease your sodium intake using salt substitutes such as this Lite salt product.

Artificially-sweetened Yoghurt

You can make your own (hard to keep up) or buy pre-made.

After trying a few I can recommend Forme vanilla and a new product, Vaalia, vanilla light.

We average a litre or more a day.

Natural no--fat yoghurt

I highly recommend Tamar Valley no fat natural yoghurt that I purchase from Coles.

Dollops of the yoghurt sit alongside many of the meats I eat on PP days - especially when extra spicy.

It is so delicious that I have been known to sweeten with natvia and just eat it as a dessert!

(the fruit ones by Tamar Valley are just lovely, but you will need to wait until stabilisation....).

Natvia (Stevia) 

A sweetner made from a different plant that is as sweet as sugar, and completely natural. It has replaced splenda in our hot drinks, but as yet, I haven't cooked with it, but it looks promising as it has much less kJ than Splenda!


Dukan uses gelatine leaves in their recipes, but I have never seen that in my shops. I substitute with Davis granulated gelatine and use a level teaspoon per 'leaf'. I also recommend that you get some of the flavoured Aeroplane Jellylite. We go through heaps of it. Dan just as it is, and I prefer mine with a dollop of forme vanilla yoghurt.
I keep some 500 ml round screw top containers just for this purpose and will make up 6 at a time (3 litres). I also like to count this towards my fluid requirements.


Dan really likes chocolate milk so I use Cottee's diet chocolate and UHT skim milk to make sure there is some on hand whenever he is hungry. We use an old 1.5l iced tea bottle for the mix, 1 litre, 1/2 bottle topping and shake. Another treat when you are in Adelaide are the Farmer's Union Feel Good milk drinks that are artificially sweetened as well.

Lilydale Chicken thighs

Chicken thighs are a staple for me on this diet. I eat them whenever I am hungry. I prefer Lilydale as the meat is generally from younger leaner birds. I gently season with Moroccan spice (Masterfoods) and BBQ, about 2-3 packets at a time as all the family enjoy them. Leftovers are stored in the fridge and heated in the microwave when needed. 

Slim tea

You really need to drink lots of water on this diet to process all this protein. Sometimes you will get stuck, and will need some relief to get things moving again. At those times I have used Slim tea which I get from my Health Food shop. Start with Regular strength until you know how it effects you. Results in 6-8 hours.