Wednesday, April 1, 2015

Week 1 - Day 3, PP day, ATTACK Diet

Now for the last of three ATTACK days.

Weigh in first, there is another sign of weight loss, down another 1.5 kg. so that is 2.5 kg gone, or 25% of the 10kgs I wanted to loose. I know that only some of this is fat, most is fluid and the changing over of my intestinal biotica, from that which supported the high fibre of the CSIRO wellness diet (which does not work for me) to the high protein of the ATTACK stage. Need to keep drinking water to help the transition.

Measure out 1.25 litres of water to drink in the morning, and 1.25 l for the afternoon.
Take vitamin capsule.
Black coffee no sugar.

When feeling next hungry - 9.30 am
Apple cider vinegar - 2 teaspoons (dilute in water)
1 serve if Chicken noodle soup with slendier slim noodles.

When next hungry 10.30 am
2 oatbran muffins
Instant coffee with no fat milk and Natvia

Finish first bottle of water by noon.

When next hungry have lunch 12.30 pm
2 teaspoons Apple cider in water
Chicken thighs
Pot herbal tea sweetened with natvia.

When next hungry 2.30 pm
Jelly and vanilla forme yoghurt.

When next hungry 4.30 pm
150 ml Yoghurt

Dinner 6.30 pm
Apple cider vinegar - 2 teaspoons in water
Roast beef

Exercise, 30 minute stationary cycle, upper body exercises.

Baked custard

Cooking for tomorrow
More meatballs

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