Saturday, October 8, 2011

Eggs Ham and Silverbeet for a PV breakfast

I grow silvetbeet in my garden and enjoy cutting 8-10 fresh leaves for a weekend breakfast for myself (not everyone likes greens.... but I do).

I de-stem and wash the leaves in my sink. Then, in a frypan whith a fitted lid, I add 3 pieces of Hans 97% frat free bacon or ham and partially cook and turn.

Then I add the silvertbeet leaves, roughly tearing them as you go.

Crack in two eggs, sprinkle with Lo Salt and then cover and reduce heat to medium.

Check the progress of the eggs each minute so whites are set and yolks runny.

Use a fork to push in the outer edges. Then use a spatula to plate up - the ham helps make this transfer easier. Cracked pepper to finish.

All done, delicious and so good for you too!

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