Friday, March 27, 2015

Shopping list for starting Dukan

Time for another Dukan intervention.

I think a 3 day Attack, and then cruise back down to a better weight for me. If I start on Monday, I can use the weekend to get organised.

Let's look at a proposed menu and a shopping list for the week ahead (3 Attack, 4 cruise = 5 Pure protein days (PP days) and 2 days where I can add in allowable (green) vegetables (PV days). These are Thursday and Saturday.

My first decision is how to have my oatbran. I prefer to have mine as a muffin as I can pre-make it. So during Attack, I will have only 2 muffins a day, then move up to 3 a day while cruising, and then 4 when stabilising.

Here is the recipe.
I will need to make 2 dozen for the week ahead, and then freeze them.

Next is the litre of non-fat dairy per day.
I will use some in my coffee, and there is some already in the muffins.
I will make some extra jelly to go with Forme vanilla yoghurt.
as that always fills me up.

On the 2 PV days I will have some rhubarb with my yoghurt (a few sticks, washed, trimmed and chopped, splinkled with natvia to taste and then in the microwave for 2 minutes). Then add Forme vanilla yoghurt.

I will also have 2 days where I have the salmon cheese roll for lunch.

and 2 days with canned tuna would be good

and three coldest days I will have chicken noodle soup

2 nights I will have poached salmon for tea
2 nights beef (roast/steak)
3 nights chicken (thigh/breast)
For the PV days I will have some broccoli, mushrooms, green beans and cauliflower
I am keen to try this eggplant and garlic recipe
and I note that more coloured vegetables are now on the list like carrot, capsicum, tomato and pumpkin
which will make things much easier

I will try to start each main meal with some apple cider vinegar

Supper is baked custard, using up my egg quota

Snack foods
for PP days, mini meatballs, chicken thighs, prawns
for PV days, celery, cucumber, carrots, cherry tomatoes.

I feel full just writing it all down.

So my shopping list (or at least what I will need to check I have):
4 litres Forme vanilla yoghurt
6 flavours of Aeroplane jelly lite
200g Oatbran
baking powder
1 dozen eggs
egg whites
4 pack UHT skim milk
8 packs of Slendier Spaghetti
2x100g smoked salmon
1 tub Philadelphia extra light cream cheese
Sirena tuna in springwater
tub of plain natural non-fat yoghurt
500g chicken mince
2 fillets of Atlantic salmon
1 roast beef
1 beef fillet steak
2x500g 5 star beef mince
2 x Lilydale chicken breast
4 x 600g Lilydale chicken thighs
Moroccan seasoning
dried onion flakes
garlic paste
garlic bulb
pepsi max
listerine breath strips
apple cider vinegar
balsamic vinegar
massel salt reduced chicken stock cubes

Wish me luck!

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