Sunday, January 23, 2011

BBQ chicken thighs

This is one of my standby foods that I had in the fridge all through my Attack/Cruise diets so there were never any hunger emergencies. That is the really nice part of Dukan compared to other diets, you can get organised so that there is no need to suffer the usual discomforts of dieting and resultant bad moods - everything is very even and calm with steady insulin levels and no hunger.

I use at least a kilo of Lillydale chicken thighs at a time. I like Lilydale as they are generally small thighs and trimmed leaner than any other I have tried (Dukan recommends using young birds).

I lightly seasoned the thighs with Masterfoods Morrocan seasoning (remembering salt leads to water retention) rolling the meat in a bowl and then BBQ over a low grill until cooked (the longer you cook, the more fat is removed).

Eat now, or If storing for later, ideally reheat in the microwave before eating. I took these to have for lunch at Andrea's and they were well received.

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