Thursday, January 13, 2011

Sponge cake

Today I tried the Dukan sponge cake (page 152 of recipe book).

Four eggs separated, and beat the whites until stiff
No aspartame, so substituted with 20 g granulated splenda
in a mixer added yolks,
Grated peel of a lemon
40g of white wings corn cornflour ( in Australia much cornflour is made from wheat).

The goop was too thick, probably should add some more moisture, maybe yoghurt???
Folded in egg whites, but yolk goop did not mix in very well....

Cooked it in a spring form cake tin regardless... For 20 minutes at 180.

It is meant to be two servings.

The result????

Well the taste was okay, but quite souffleish.
Need to try again.

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